BCT Alarm Systems Security in Lorain Ohio

Home Security Equipment in Lorain County Ohio
Specializing in Elyria and Lorain

Although human attention is critical to success in security, equipment that doesn’t fail is paramount. As in other industries, there is a wide spectrum of quality in security systems equipment. BCT Alarm Services painstakingly evaluates the equipment from the vendors it uses, selecting only those products which have been proven, and that are backed by reputable manufacturers which provide superior after sale support. In the Ohio homes and businesses we serve, BCT proudly use American-made products from the following companies:

GE Security GE Security
Elk Products Elk Products
Altronix Altronix Alarm Systems
Keri Systems Keri Systems
Firelite Controls Firelite Controls
Gentex Gentex
Silent Knight Silent Knight
Signal Electronic Cable Signal Electronic Cable


BCT Alarm Services, Inc.

Commercial and Home Security Systems in Northeastern Ohio
Specializing in Elyria, Lorain, and the entire Lorain County, Ohio Area

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